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Park Directions and Information

When: Saturday, March 18th, 2017
Where: PBC Paintball Park Greensboro, NC


Camping will be available!

Registration Fee:
**Pre register to save money and skip the lines on Game Day**
$25 per player pre-registered before March 1st

$30 per player pre-registered before March 17th
$35 on game day
Note: Registration includes all day HPA Air and Park Admission. Rental equipment available while supplies last for $10.

Pre Order Paint & Save!
$50 GI 3-Star

Note: Paint prices increase by $5 per case on game-day

Please note that this is Field Paint Only event.
(All PBC field paint brands will be allowed)

Game Day Schedule:
8:30am Park Opens
9:15am Rules Briefing
10:00am GAME ON!
5:00pm Game Ends / Winners Announced


PBC Paintball Park Greensboro
6106 Burlington Rd
Sedalia, NC 27249
TEL: (336) 449-4406

Game Day Rate Of Fire:
The rate of fire will be capped at 12.5 BPS.

Take I40/I85 to Rock Creek Dairy Rd. (Exit # 135)

Make a right at the top of the ramp. (from east and west)

Go ½ mile to the traffic light. Exxon will be on your right.

Turn left at the traffic light onto Burlington Rd. (HWY 70)

Go 1.2 miles and make a left into the PBC Park. (just past the Sedalia Elementary School.)

Saving Private Ryan Scenario Game at PBC Paintball Park Greensboro

Pre-Register and Save!

We ask that everyone pre-register for this game if at all possible. Pre-registration helps us plan, and saves you time and money. You are welcome to register at any of our stores or by calling us at 336-458-0060. Thank you for your help, and we hope you have a great time playing in the Iwo Jima Scenario Game!

 Registration is below.

Game Map

The Iwo Jima Scenario Game will utilize woods, mounds, creeks, and many newly renovated parts of our Park.

Phase 1 - Beach Landing

Phase 2 - Airfield

Phase 3 - Mt. Suribachi


Game Synopsis

The Axis & Allies: Iwo Jima Scenario Game will be broken in to 3 seperate battles. Each battle features 3 control points that Axis and Allied forces will attempt to take and control. At the end of each battle phase, points will be awarded to the team that holds each control point.

Phase 1 - The beach landing at Iwo Jima. Allied forces must deploy from one of three beach landing zones and fight their way through the entrenched Axis forces holding the beach.

Phase 2 - Airfield. The Axis forces have control of a major airfield and must defend it against the attacking Allied forces.

Phase 3 - Mt. Suribachi. The final battle will take place on and around Mt. Suribachi. Axis forces must choose to defend the high ground or spread their forces to the surrounding area.


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